A Living Fence

Hedges have often been used as a way to mark the borders of a property, and they still function in the way in many places. Some of them are simply greenery that has been trimmed and shaped over the years, but other hedges bloom to create additional beauty around a home. A living fence can be an amazing addition to any property, but it does take time to become established. This is where nurseries and landscaping companies have found a new market for their products and services.

The years of investment it takes to establish a hedge to create fencing may be more than a buyer can envision. They will not necessarily see the future beauty of waiting for the individual shrubs to grow, so planting mature bushes is often a good way to make a property more enticing. The years normally spent by the homeowner to grow and shape their fence can be done in a nursery setting, and professional landscapers can transplant the bushes to create the same look at a newly built home. It does add to the cost, but it also increases the value of the home before it is sold for the first time.