Mature Tree Removal

The beauty of trees in a landscape is often what helps sell a property, but there are times when they must come down. Mature tree removal is usually done when it becomes a danger to surrounding homes due to infestations of insects or its longevity is at an end. Rather than letting it fall at random, a professional company will come in and remove it piece by piece. It can be a sad time for homeowners, but safety is also a valuable commodity for any living area.

The need for removal is often evident well before the decision is made. Many properties with mature growth are older homes, and homeowners often find they are reluctant to give up the beauty of their landscape. They see their trees as a living part of their own homes, and many enjoy the beauty of nesting birds and small creatures that inhabit them. The admission they are past their prime and become a danger is difficult but necessary.

Large trees near residents should be taken down by a team of professionals due to the danger of falling limbs. As the upper branches are taken off, they are generally tied in a manner that allows them to be safely lowered to the ground. Cutting the main trunk in sections is also done with the use of ropes to safely get pieces to the ground. The process can take hours and cost a great deal, but the savings in safety is worthwhile.

There is often no reason to let the space where a tree used to be remain bare, and many people find great pleasure in planting a new tree. They may choose a young tree they can watch grow with their children, or they could invest in a more mature option that is already established to replace what they have lost.