Planning the Tree Landscaping

Change is inevitable in many parts of life, and building new houses is one where changes occur on a regular basis. The newest need is for buyers to see they will be getting a house that already feels like an established home, so planning the landscaping on a lot is now an important step. While older trees that may have issues will need to come down, many trees can now be left in place to help establish the feeling of permanence.

Leaving mature trees can be a bonus for the builder. They will not need to spend the time or money to completely raze a lot, and they can cite mature trees as a selling point. While they may need to remove older trees that can cause damage, replacing them with partially grown trees is now an option. While they will not be quite as large or tall, they usually offer shade and future growth for the new owners to enjoy.

It does take many years for trees to mature, but nurseries today have provided a solution. They have areas where they let various types of trees grow for a decade or more, and they can harvest them on demand. It is an expensive proposition to do this, and it is reflected in the cost. While it may not be suitable for all builders to purchase and plan the most mature trees, it is a head start on a settled landscape.

Builders today can often offer potential clients a mix of mature trees, and new growth. Landscaping of this nature can help sell a house, but it does raise the price. For today’s clients, immediate satisfaction has become part of what they expect in all transactions. Providing them with trees that will mature within a decade or less is a bonus that may be well worth the cost.